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Hello guys new hear iv been working on this build for a while now I got the bike in pieces literly pieces. So anyways I rebuildt the the engine with a used crank I had that was still good(old one had bar rod bearing) put new pistons in it stock bore honed out cylinders a bit new gaskets. Stock mikuni carbs . Has no key but is bypassed(black wires tied together) so here's my problem I got i my put back together took a bit to start. But it did 1st was rough only 10 sec(had no coolant)next time was on for 5-10 min then no spark swapped the coil with used one I had and we r good(alsochecked stator /kill switch and put new plugs everything good) now went to start heat cycles and tune out the carb was running a lil rough. Turned on them cut out after five seconds now I get nothing at start no spark
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Ps also has tors delete
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