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Picked up an 87 Warrior 350 today and it needs alot. But engine has great compression so that's a plus and gears all work as best as I could try. Anyways, the PO must Unplugged almost all plugs and cut some wires and since I can't find the wiring diagram I need help. I hooked up battery (even though there is no elec. start) and found power at a plug near the 3 mounted on left rear of frame. It looks as if there should be a 4th one (the farthest one back) since there's a rubber cover but there's nothing there. Is there anyway to bypass it at all? I just want to know if it's worth trying to get running before I part it out. Any help is appreciated. Also there is no front fenders or lights, but I'm assuming some of empty plugs on front are for the lights? And is there a switch or something that should be mounted in left side of the plastic cover on handlebars with reverse/neutral lights?
yes there is a way to bypass it i had the sam problems with mine
21 - 22 of 22 Posts