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So I have a 07yfz450. Ported head, full hmf exhaust, no lid, kibble white valves and double valve springs. That's it as far as engine/exhaust mods go. It's breaking up under wot . So it has a 175 main and 48 pilot with the needle clip on the 4th Groove from the bottom up. Plug black as night.. I got a jet kit and tried going from 170 all the way to a 160 cleaning and checking the plug each time and it gets no better, constantly black. Right now it has the 160 main and 45 pilot such send small for the mods it has. Also noticed the coil plug is very loose on the plug(is this normal) thinking this could be my breaking up issue but not sure as it's fine driving normal just breaks up under wot... Any ideas guys?
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