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04 YFZ450 Locked up, cannot find issue

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Hey all, new to the forum here and I'm looking for some help. The other day riding to my buddy's house my 04,YFZ 450 started bogging in the top of every gear so I just decided to cruise in 5th. At 1/4 throttle the quad bogged down then caught up again followed by the wheels locking up. The quad did not bog down then lock up from stalling it just locked up. Tried to start it in neutral and got a click. Not a dead battery click like can't spin the crank click. With the quad in gear holding the clutch wheels are still locked up. So I thought my motor and clutch blew at the same time. Took it apart and got the clutch plates out and then the motor cranked over no problem.
This is what I have done.
-Removed and cleaned the clutch cover and side case ( where water pump and oil filter are)
-Drained oil (no milky or discoloration, metal flakes though)

I felt the crank and it did not feel loose, transmission has all the gears. Pretty much everything works now from what I can see I just have a lot of metal shavings in my motor. No idea what happened or what I should do. I have a new oil filter, new water pump seals, clutch cover and side cover gaskets and clutch basket bolts and springs on the way. The clutch was replaced not even a year ago but I might replace it for safe measure. Im also thinking about testing the compression.

Not that I've rambled forever. Has anyone had similar problems, anyone have suggestions on what to check or why this might have happened?
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starter clutch and gears? sounds bad what ever it is
Did you ever find a solution because I have the same problem it turns on and switch’s gears but the wheels are locked up
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