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02 686 starter issues

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ive replaced everything in the starter circuit including the starter from the button assembly on the handle bars to the starter all new when i try to startt it it acts like the battery is dead but its not its at 12.91 if i hook a truck battery up to the bike and jumpo it it starts it like iut should what is wrong ? again i replaced the following , starter ,starter selanoid, ignition switch , battery and power wire from selanoid to the starter and from battery to selanoid
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Double check your ground. Does it start if you jump the two large terminals on the solenoid with a screwdriver? When you push the button does it click or rattle? It sounds like something isnt getting full voltage without an extra battery. Hook a volt meter to the starter terminal and push the button. See if its getting voltage down there if there is none trace it back. If its full voltages its something in the starter, if there is a voltage drop its the solenoid.
I'm having same issue, when i bridge my solenoid with a screw driver i can get my start to spin over. When pressing the start button I get a faint rattle, but sometimes it'll do a faint click (but very faint, I have to put it up to my ear to hear it.) when I hook up a volt meter to the side of the solenoid that supplies power to the starter I get no volts, but it's a brand new 1PZ solenoid (amazon special).
Probably a crap solenoid..
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