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I bought a 2001 warrior last week that came with an extra motor with a bad rod bearing. The motor on it runs great, however the dude must of bought stock in JB weld company because its all over the running motor. looks like the chain came off and cracked the flywheel side of the motor, under the starter hole on the flywheel side has it all over it. now i wouldnt be worried if it was sealed up, but it leaks oil from both spots. My plan is to take the flywheel side of the extra motor (that has a bad rod bearing) and put it on the running motor. i just have a few questions.

i have split cases before and installed new cranks on 2 stroke motors but i would assume the bottom end is very similar with a 4 stroke.

how difficult is it to split the cases on this motor?
should i expect things to fall out (such as gears, shimming washers, or shafts) when i split them?
how difficult is it to line all the shafts up with the corresponding holes when putting the two back together?
do you guys have any tips or tricks or things to watch out for?

any advice is will be greatly appreciated and i thank you all in advance.
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