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  1. 2006 Big Bear Timing and shifting

    Other Models/Brands
    Hey everybody, I purchased a 2006 big bear 400 4X4 from a family member that had the side cover and top half removed. I have since replaced the jug, alot of missing parts in the side cover (I dont think I have any more missing parts) and had the head down by a machine shop and gave the carb a...
  2. Direct Shift Lever/ Shifting With Boot On

    Riding Gear/Accessories
    Hey guys, got some boots finally but i cant shift with them. i was gonna buy this: Folding Shift Lever Yamaha Warrior 350 Direct Shift Eliminates Linkage 1987?2004 | eBay and adjust the angle to shift better. is there something else i should do? other direct shifter i should buy? thanks
  3. Clutch springs

    Yamaha YFS200 Blaster ('88-Present)
    Could the clutch springs being too loose cause the inner clutch basket boss to break? Or cause the clutch not to engage at all? New rebuild and the clymers manuel is not specific enough. " Install" is not thorough enough for me... Thanks!
  4. YFZ 450 Parts For Sale

    Parts for Sale
    I have for sale stock parts off an engine. Valve Cover- $25 Shipped Clutch Cover- $60 Shipped Shifter- $55 Shipped Chain Guard- $25 shipped. Please Text or call me for Questions or picture requests. I will be more than happy to help you. 401-996-6508. For those of you in NEPA i can meet...