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  1. Kodiak 450 cam chain

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    I have an 06 kodiak 450 that I am hearing some top end noise. It has 1150 for miles. I have adjusted the valves even though they were within specs. The cam sprocket is about a half a tooth off from perfect. Is my chain stretched? And I’ve heard about the automatic tensioners being junk on other...
  2. Vibration on 2017 kodiak

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    Hey there all, I was wondering why my 2017 kodiak has a vibration at certain speeds. The machine has 700 miles on it, I have taken it on road routes and trail riding. it vibrates at 22-26 mph, it did not do this until about 200 miles were on the machine. Is it the tires just wearing in? A normal...
  3. kodiak 400 automatic 2002

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    Hi all, I'm new to this site and was Wondering if anyone can help, the 4wd on my kodiak died. I suspect its the servo motor. On inspection I came across a single white wire which is loose and I don't know where it goes too. It comes out of the loom at the servo plug and is about 75mm long so it...
  4. Kodiak Running Rich - Bigbear Manual

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    Hi, 2 questions. The easy one: does anyone have an electronic copy of a 2007 bigbear 250 service manual? The harder one: I also have a 2003 Kodiak YFM400FA and is running rich. Bar taking the carb apart to see if anything wrong in there (which I only want to do at last resort...), is there...
  5. 2002 Kodiak 400 Idles Great - Dies/Bogs with any throttle

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    I have a Kodiak 400 that idles fine but bogs or dies at any throttle. I have - Drained and replaced gasoline. Replaced fuel valve due to the screens being cracked. I have put all new jets in the carb. I have cleaned the carb 3 times, the last time i soaked and blew it out with an air tank. I...
  6. 1996 Kodiak clutch?? problems

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    I just purchased a 1996 Kodiak 400 4X4. Knowing little about these (I have a motorcycle background), I believe I may have a clutch issue. First, this one has the 5 speed manual shift (clutchless) tranny. When you accelerate from a stop, the engine winds up for a few seconds, then...
  7. 2002 Kodiak 400 4x4 overheating

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    Hey guys, iv been wondering around this website for awhile and never needed to make an account but now iv got an issue and could use some help. Here it is.... 2002 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Auto 4x4 took it out on the trail couple days ago (90 degree heat out) and about 30mins in started to...