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  1. Yamaha YFM660R Raptor (2001-2005)
    I have an 03 660 and I was doing some transmission work. It went well but when I was putting my clutch cover back on a small cylinder fell out and I have no clue where it is meant to be. I don’t remember it when I disassembled everything and can’t find any mention of it in the manual’s clutch...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Hi so just bought a 2000 Yamaha warrior. When I bought it the clutch was hard to pull in and you had to push it back out for it to engage. I change the clutch cable and now it wont release at all. I’m new to working on four wheelers so any help would be appreciated.
  3. Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    Plug with red circle had red/yellow and blue/white wire and what plugs in their?
  4. Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    My bike is a wiring nightmare, everything is just spliced together and nuts. But it does start and run half decent off this wiring, my problem is trying to figure out how many fuses the bike actually needs because I have only found one in the front of the bike for the lights. Also oil leaks a...
1-4 of 4 Results