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  1. Rhino 660 Start Right Up, Idles Great, Dies as soon as you press the accelerator

    Other Models/Brands
    I own a repair shop and do all diagnostics, repairs, custom fabrication of pretty much anything in the ATV/UTV off road and have been in this business practically my entire life. I am at my wits in with this UTV and I'm crying uncle, this thing is really starting to get to me and I am hoping...
  2. Carb help

    Yamaha YFZ450/450R (2004-Present)
    I have a very modified 04yfz450 and it wont start. It used to start but the float needle wasnt seating right and was allowing gas into my engine at all times. I just put a moose carb repair kit in on saturday(it was my first time) and now i cant get it to start. Can anyone help?
  3. 01 660 carb maintenance

    Yamaha YFM660R Raptor (2001-2005)
    I plan on breaking down my stock 01 660 enough to get the carburetor out, clean it up and put the correct jets in it. 1.I've read that the wrong jets are in this year from stock. True? if so what do some of you recommend? 2. Anything else I should do to increase performance or just general...
  4. A bad carb cleaning

    Yamaha YFZ450/450R (2004-Present)
    Hey everyone, I've got a 2006 Yamaha yfz450. I just got a carb cleaning done a few weeks back and haven't had a chance to take my quad out since. I was having trouble starting it up and upon a quick inspection, I found a loose hose connected to the bottom left side of the carburetor slung...
  5. Carburetor problems

    Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    I have been having issues with my carb. About a year and a half ago, I couldn't get it to idle with the choke off woo I took it to a guy and for $100 he cleaned it up and adjusted it. Ran great. So before I put it away for the summer, I ran the gas out of it. I went to start it again to get...
  6. What size jet??

    Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    I have a 2001 warrior that is totally stock except for a full FMF exhaust (headpipe and muffler). I think the guy i bought it from had it jetted wrong. So what size jet and needle placement? It coughs through the airbox at idle and low speeds but runs great when you romp on it. It isnt the...
  7. Yamaha 450 won't start

    Yamaha YFZ450/450R (2004-Present)
    The quad was running fine. Now when I try and start it, it just cranks without popping off at all. When I try and start it my oil pan fills with gas. There was no catastrophic failure before it died. I left the choke out while moving it from my back yard to the front, it died, and now just...
  8. 2000 Wolverine 350 no power

    Yamaha Wolverine 350 / 450
    I just bought a 2000 Wolverine 350 4x4. It will go in reverse with all the power it should. Going forward, it feels like it only has about 1/4 of the power it should. It doesn't wind out like the clutches are bad. I looked at them and they don't look new but they don't look worn out either. We...
  9. 2000 Wolverine 350 no power

    Parts for Sale
    I have a 2000 Yamaha Wolverine 350, it cranks up fine and has plenty of power in reverse. When I go through the gears it doesn't have the take off power it should. I checked the rev limiter and disconnected it so that isn't the problem. I adjusted the clutch and still nothing. I pulled the...
  10. 99 has spark but won't run

    Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    i'm a newbie so here it goes... i just bought a 99 warrior at a good price thinking that it might be worth the time to fix it up. it is getting spark and has good compression, i guess but there is no gas getting to the plug. every once in awhile, backfire but thats about it. i cleaned the carb...