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  1. Yamaha YFM660R Raptor (2001-2005)
    I have a 2004 raptor 660 changed oil new spark plug and whole carb rebuild kit. After a couple rides it was fine. Then in first gear if i want to shit and get i would pop the clutch its got like 6,000 rpm and it slowly moves. But i have a small slit in the intake boot on the carb and i bought a...
  2. Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    So like allot of 350 warrior owners I got a carb issue. I am buying a rebuild because all my gaskets are junk it its really old but what my questions about is the accelerator pump . the pump has a boot on it behind the the black plastic cover and was wondering if its absolutely needed. I know...
  3. Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    hey guys, just rebuilt the top end after sitting for almost 2 years. i have a mikuni T36-68a carb and an HMF competition pipe. i'm having issues tuning it. pipe glows red hot, but the plug comes carboned. Under load it seems to bog over 1/4 throttle.. anyone using one of these carbs? what jet...
1-3 of 3 Results