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carb help

  1. 95 - 97 Wolverine 350 4x4 Carb Help!

    Yamaha Wolverine 350 / 450
    I am trying to figure out my options. There is a problem with my carb; it idles fine, but when I put a load on it (generally in higher rpms) it starts to sputter. Had the carb cleaned, with no luck to the issue (I think it might be a vacuum issue of some sort?). Thought about buying replacement...
  2. jet kit help

    Yamaha YFM660R Raptor (2001-2005)
    so i have read that keeping the stock carb setting is not good. so I'm asking all of u in your infant wisdom what would be the best jet kit both performance and bang for your buck? i have a 04 raptor with no mods besides a modified air box and a k&n filter. my friends think that the carb is...