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  1. Other Models/Brands
    Hey, everyone. I got a 2006 ATV that I haven't rode in a while. I had the carburetor cleaned out and installed a brand new battery. It runs, but it leaks gas out of the tube from the carburetor. Do I need a needle valve set installed at the end of that tube? If so, how do I install it? I guess I...
  2. Other Models/Brands
    Just bought a wrecked 2005 Yamaha Big Bear 400. It has good spark and compression is good. I cannot get it to start. Cleaned the carb with no luck starting it. I removed the plug and put in a little gas then replaced the plug. Still nothing. Any ideas???
  3. Other Models/Brands
    I use my Big Bear 400 for hunting and it is too loud. I have been looking for an exhaust silencer. Can anyone give me any information about the exhaust silencers? Do they work? Recommended brand? Source? Welding required? I don't know anything about this, so any information will be...
1-3 of 3 Results