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big bear

  1. Baffled, stumped and flabbergasted

    Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    Hi all, Big Bear 250, 2008. The most puzzling issue I have ever seen. It pulls starts like an angel (one pull, even cold), but will never start on starter - the starter cranks fine. Once started it runs perfectly. Idles forever, revs up and down... anything you want. No smoke, nothing...
  2. Crazy 97 Yamaha ym350ub big bear

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    So I just bought this 97 350 big bear and replaced the battery and all was working fine until today... after turning it off (key and power switch) it continued to try top start itself, there is no pull cord to start it, just the switch on the left handlebar, so now after killing the battery...
  3. 2007 big bear 250 Electrical problems

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    Just picked up two identical big bear 250s last week Dec 18th. picked both up for $400:tup: here is what i know about both they sat under a tree at least 2 years, after "carb" problems. lets differentiate the bikes by "1" and "2", 1 being the prettier of the two 1 has the electrical issue...
  4. Big Bear not starting

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    So, I recently got a Yamaha Big Bear 250 2007, it was cheap so I decided why not. Anyways it worked great until recently when I tried to start it yesterday, and nothing so I checked it out and found something that makes a clicking noise (Relay?). I checked the battery and it seems to work...
  5. Big bear crankshaft

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    Hi! I have my big bear 350 1997 and I am trying to put it at top died center and through the hole you look through to see the crankshaft there are two lines one that says T and one that says F. I know that T stands for top dead but what does F stand for? Thanks
  6. Stuck In Reverse

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    I have a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear 2x4. One day it just wouldnt start up because the reverse light was lit up. and the four wheeler wont start up if it is in reverse. The shifter will move from R to High to Low but the reverse light stays lit up. What could this be? I would really like to get this...
  7. Kodiak Running Rich - Bigbear Manual

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    Hi, 2 questions. The easy one: does anyone have an electronic copy of a 2007 bigbear 250 service manual? The harder one: I also have a 2003 Kodiak YFM400FA and is running rich. Bar taking the carb apart to see if anything wrong in there (which I only want to do at last resort...), is there...
  8. 1990 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 questions

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    I recently bought a 1990 Yamaha Big Bear 4x4 350 for a good price, But it needs it's share of work. A few problems I have ran into. I cleaned the carb, and lubed the cables.. But for some reason the ATV wants to idle high, I've cleaned all the jets, (Didn't take any out) and I've backed all the...