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  1. Mikuni "tube" on 97 big bear 350

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    I have been working on my big bear, and one of the tubes came completely off and hit the ground. It's kind of a caramel colored hose but looks like it should be clear. It connects on the left side just above where the throttle connects. But I don't know where the other end goes! Any help will be...
  2. 1987 yamaha 350

    Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    I have a 1987 yamaha moto 4 350 with gas , compression and spark but wont start. spark seems weak but when i take off the spark plug and boot the end of the coil wire produces bright blue spark to ground, i replaced boot and plug but still weak spark at plug ???? please help
  3. gas, compression, spark NO START!!

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    I have a 1987 yamaha moto 4 350, wont start, spark is consistant but seems very weak, when i take plug and boot off, the coil wire to ground makes very good spark so i replaced the spark plug and boot and still weak spark at plug?? please help
  4. how to replace u joints 87 big bear 4x4

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    i have an 87 big bear i have had it for about 4 years and now the u joints are so sloppy that when i ride...the drive shafts move around and hit the inside of the skid plates...time for new ones.. i have 4 brand new u joints here but i am not very handy unfortunately but i know a few people...