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  1. Yamaha YFM660R Raptor (2001-2005)
    So long story short is i started tearing in to a 660 motor before i really knew what was wrong with it the boy told me that the crank was locked up but i got the side case off where the one way is at and i found on craigslist the same fourwheeler and he said on there the one way was bad and i...
  2. Other Models/Brands
    Hey guys. I'm hoping someone has some clue what's going on with my ride. I bought a 2001 wolverine (yfm350fxn) for cheap because it was in pieces. Oil pump was toast, and this toasted the cam. I replaced/rebuilt, seems to run fine now, except I get a high pitched whine when in higher gears...
1-2 of 2 Results