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  1. Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    Today i got new hand grips for my 03 yamaha warrior and i put them on and there was a big gap between my grips and the thing that has the heads lights and start button on it. So i loosened that and slid it over until it touched the hand grips and then i pulled the clutch lever and it was hiting...
  2. Yamaha YFM350 Raptor/Warrior ('87-Present)
    the other day my quad just died, the lights, starter everything. Some background info: - I charged the battery and was sure it was at proper level - Charged battery inserted, hard to start (hadn't ran for a while), but eventually did with some proper choke and throttle applications - Running...
  3. Yamaha YFM660R Raptor (2001-2005)
    i currently have a 2005 yfz 450 with a duncan fatboy exhaust, maxxis razr rear tires and tag bars, i bought it for $3000, i am thinking of trading it for a 2003 raptor 660 with a cobra exhaust and axel spacers, he wants 2200 for it so i am trying to get $500 with it, what do you guys think, r...
1-3 of 3 Results