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Showcase cover image for Beastmode17's 2006 YAMAHA YFZ 450 Bill Ballance Edition

General Information

YFZ 450 Bill Ballance Edition
All Motorwork was performed by MXP Moto-Xperts. Pro YMX1 470. Racecut Harness for 24volt Ockerman setup and Kicker. Gusseted Frame, All Powdercoat done by Grubbs Racing, Glacier White, Candy Blue, Metallic Starlite black, textured starlite, Shocker Yellow.

This Quad is always changing with upgrades and different parts. So parts will vary month to month, Also different powdercoat.
2006 YAMAHA YFZ 450 Bill Ballance Edition (Blue/White)


Moto-Xperts YMX1 470

Cylinder Head: MXP port n polish
Gaskets: Cometic
Piston: CP 12:5.1
Cam|Valves Springs: Webcams custom grind #617 Cam Mod, +1 Titianium valves SERDI, Dual valve springs
Bore & Stroke:97mm
Displacement: 468
Carburetor:39 FCR with boyesen quickshot 3, Jetted, R/D Flexjet, CV4 fuel lines/Vaccuum lines, NCVQ Needle
Spark plug: NGK IridiumX
Stator: Ricky Stator
HMF Prowler GT Thunder exhaust
Crankcase breather delete. New Silicone Blue hoses with filter.
Fluidyne Rad with Evans Coolant
CV4 High Pressure cap
CV4 Hoses
Custom made Louvers for radiator
UNI Filter with GYTR Billet adapter
Heat wrapped airbox cut down from MXP
Currently Belray Thumper oil, Switched from Rotella.

2016: UPDATE LSR MXP EFI Exhaust cerakoted, White canister, Candy Blue tip, Cometic header gasket. No longer have Boyesen super cooler, Ditched reservoir bottle.
Quadtech Hump seat
Quadtech ultra gripper Black/White/Silver New Update 8/26

2016 UPDATE: 2015 Rear OEM Blue Plastic
QUADTECH Ultra Gripper, Full grip top, orange Flo spikes, QT Foam
New White OEM plastics
Gusseted Frame
Racecut Harness
Powdercoated various parts
Quadtech Hump seat
Quadtech Carbon under hood shroud
Quadtech Rear Master relocate guard
Fourwerx Carbon Original Scoop hood
Fourwerx Carbon coolant reservoir cover
Streamline Rear rotor Blade
RPM dominator XC axle
RPM chromoly locknut
VGR Cut down mud guard Front
TAG Poly skid
GT Thunder sprocket guard
Houser Drop bar
Houser Probounce nerfbars
Houser Antivibe stem with clamp
Streamline F+R braided lines
Magnum Anodized Banjo bolts
Works Connection Elite Perch
Works Connection Timing plugs
OMI Greasable stem mount
IMS 3.8 TANK with Works connection vent
IMS Roll Design Shifter
Graphic WorX Pro graphics kit
Boyesen Super Cooler
ReKluse Z start Pro
Rekluse fibers
Rekluse clutch cover with boyesen gasket
Maxima Race Ready Oil filter cover
GYTR starter cover
Fluidyne Radiator with Evans Coolant
CV4 High Pressure cap
DID Xring chain
Pivot Works Bearings, Stem, Hubs
TM Designworks upper roller relocate
TM Designworks Front guide Poly
TM Designworks Powerlip Rollers
LSR front lower Motor Mounts Heavy Duty
LSR Pivot Bolt for swinger
LSR Billet rear fender mounts
UPP POLY Case Saver
UPP POLY Shock reservoir mounts
EBC Carbon Graphite X pads REAR. DP 412's Fronts
New 8/26/2015
RJR Front Bumper with Graphic Worx insert
HEP Block off headlight plates
Quadtech ultra gripper, White/black/silver seat. Swapped from the blue/black hump
Swapped rear blade Streamline rotor for a floating Streamline.

UPDATE:2016 Complete 2015 rear swap, New blue plastic, Quadtech ultragripper seat, EFI Houser Drop bar , HMF delete box rear, EFI master cylinder, Full EFI LSR MXP exhaust cerakoted black with new powder and translucent tip, Tireblocks in all 4 now, VGR belly skid, VGR full front guard, Precision clamps with LSR +1 antivibe stem, Protapers 31's, RJR front bumper, Glann Innovations case saver with guide, Houser Probounce xc heelguards, New louvers for radiator, Houser Sprocket guard, Engraved Z start Rekluse cover. ARS-FX .5 Promax LT xc arms, AXIS fully adjustable dual rate pros, Exit revalved rear single body coated. Cycra probend blue bumps. Changed out front wheel bearings, stem and upper seals. New powder from grenade coatings, Sportbike powdercoating and Powell Racing.

Black Campbell racing poly Skid, repowdered rear hubs candy blue. FCI Intake/transition ring and filter. Cheap lowes air filter cover laid over airbox.
Fasst Flexx 14* woods bars
ODI Lockon grips white powdercoated
Honda throttle with 90 lever
Works Connection Elite Pro clutch
ProDesign Tether switch

2016 update: Precision clamps, Protapers, OURY's
ZBROZ Pro Max LT XC arms
Front : ARS FX / AXIS Triple, Fully adjustable LT's

Rear : Axis Dual Fully adjustable comp and rebound / ARS FX xc pullrod with GT Thunder linkage, Houser Swingarm stock length.

Update: Swapped Houser swinger back to a 06 up Swinger.

New ARS-FX XC LT arms
AXIS Dual Rate Fully adjustable PRS Long travel Fronts
Exit Revalved rear with kashima coated black body
Wheel and Tire
Rims F|R: Hiper CF1R's / Hiper Tech3's , Hiper mud plugs, Inner foams from TRP
Tires F|R: 21/20 ITP GNCC Holeshots with Hedstrom balls fronts / Tireblocks rear

2016: All Tireblocks, New GNCC Holeshots, Same Hipers



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