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Jnewp4010 06-16-2019 11:15 PM

What jets do I need to run
I’m running a stock blaster with full bills pipe but idk what jets I need to run

cory52000 06-17-2019 10:26 AM

for anyone to give you a start point they would need to know what elevation you are are at. that being said every machine is different and it would only get you close. as with any 2 stroke elevation and temp play a big part in jetting and there is not a one size fits all set of jets. you will need to do some testing. make a run and pull the plug if it is white you are too lean and need a bigger main black too rich. if it need the choke to start warm it needs a bigger pilot if it starts cold without the choke it needs a smaller pilot. those are jetting generalities. if you are new to jetting lean to the rich side you will lose some performance but you wont melt the piston.
you dont give any history but i am assuming you have a stock machine and just added a new pipe? if that is the case you should not need much of a change, start one main up and go from there. if you did not make any modifications to the air box the pipe alone wont make much difference. you are still restricted due to the factory air box and reeds.
if you are not familiar with jetting another great option is sigma jets. go to there web page. fill out their form and they will build you a custom kit with a jet or 2 above and below where they think you need to be for fine tuning. but the ones i have used they were spot on but they were new bikes.
remember if you are jetting a 2 stroke for max performance you will have to re jet with elevation changes greater than 1500 or so feet.

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